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No, There Isn’t An “Active Shooter” At Alpine High School In Texas

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Evacuating the building.


— Arturas Kerelis (@nwiajk)



The hysteria-driven media is attempting to claim that there is presently an “active shooter” at Alpine High School in Alpine, Texas.


This claim is entirely false.


BREAKING: Reports say 1 shot in
high school active shooter situation:


— TWC News San Antonio (@TWCNewsSA)



There was the report of a single student shot by one or two suspects who then apparently fled the scene and are no longer thought to be on campus. The school of approximately 280 students is now on lockdown as law enforcement sweeps the scene and conducts an investigation, but there is not shooting on-going at this time, and it is not a mass casualty event.


* * *


An “active shooting” is an often abused term rendered absolutely useless by the mainstream, which now routinely apply the term to any shooting, at any time, in any public place, regardless of the number of shots fired, the number of victims, or the kind of incident under discussion, whether or not the act of shooting is in fact actively going on.


An actual active shooting is a kind of mass murder. Because the term “active shooter” has so been abused by the news media, law enforcement professionals are beginning to move away from the term. What used to be called an “active shooter incident” is now being called “random mass murder.”


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