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Quite Handy: StrongSuit’s Q-Series Enforcer TAC Gloves

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StrongSuit is a company that focuses on making gloves and gloves alone, a rarity in the marketplace. Of its many offerings, the company’s Q-Series Enforcer TAC gloves truly stand out.



StrongSuit partnered with Top Shot finalist and professional firearms instructor Gary Quesenberry to design these gloves for shooters. Their most unique feature is that they have form-fitted, pre-curved fingers for better fit and performance. They’re noticeably more comfortable than traditional gloves.


The gloves are also designed with a breathable fabric on the backs to help keep your hands cool. A couple additional and ingenious features are a terry cloth sweat wipe on the thumb area and the use of Nu-Touch technology on the fingertips, which allows you to work your touchscreen devices without removing your gloves. Anyone who has spent a considerable amount of time in gloves can absolutely appreciate this feature!


In any hands-on profession, it is essential to protect your hands. They are the most important tools we have. Daily bumps, knicks and cuts take their toll. This is especially true for law enforcement and military personnel.



A solid pair of gloves offers you that first line of defense in protecting your hands. Many hands have been covered with gloves that were deemed “good enough” because we lacked a real option. StrongSuit has changed that and now provides us with great gloves that not only fit well, but also won’t break the bank.


For more information on the Q-Series Enforcer TAC gloves and other products from StrongSuit, please visit StrongSuitGloves.com or call 864-252-7786.


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