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Winter survival and tactical preparedness

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For us northern folks, we have our eyes on the upcoming winters beside just the upcoming elections. I pay attention to what nature tells me about winter. Last weekend, the blackbirds and starlings gathered up and left. Yesterday, all my barn swallows packed up and left. That is three to four weeks ahead of schedule.


Now I am wondering how many of us are tactically prepared for a winter operation in a time of social disaster? My family has a lot of hunters, and we have outfits made out of white bedsheets and bedliners at the ready. They make excellent outer covers for our winter gear, and can be done very inexpensively. I see places that have them available online. This isn't a topic that gets thought about much, unless one has been through a winter training camp.


Spill your thoughts people. What special gear and accessories have worked for your winter training scenarios? What provisions have you made with your packs and supply gear to prevent freezing, maintain operational security, and improve operations overall?

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I'm down south in Louisiana, so the bulk of what changes for me is primarily light weight sniffle gear. I love the Army's Silk Weight layer I clothing. Rothco sells their version, and its okay, but I know most folks don't like to buy Chinese knock-offs.

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