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Another Domestic Terror Attack By Black Lives Matter Is Caught On Film In Phoenix

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A suspected Black Lives Matter supporter with a prior history of attacking law enforcement is in jail today after attempting to murder three Phoenix Police Department officers who had gathered outside a convenience store to talk.




While three officers conversed near the rear of a police SUV Tuesday morning, 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne carefully backed his vehicle into a parking space near the back of the parking lot, lined the officers up over his hood of his car, and punched the gas.


The man who drove through a group of officers as they were standing outside a Phoenix gas station early Tuesday morning is facing attempted murder charges.


According to Phoenix police, the incident occurred just before 2 a.m.at a QuikTrip gas station on Camelback Road, off the Interstate 17.


Three officers were hurt after 44-year-old Marc LaQuon Payne reportedly drove his vehicle at the group, before hitting a patrol car and the front of the store.


Two officers suffered serious injuries, but they don’t appear to be life-threatening, according to police. A third officer was able to escape injury, but suffered some minor wounds during a struggle to arrest the suspect.


At this time, the act appears to have been intentional and police suspect impairment was a factor.


ABC15 dug into the man’s past. His 1997 court documents reveal he attacked three Phoenix police officers during a traffic stop. Since then, his record was clean up until Tuesday morning. The officers who were attacked told the court they believed the man would attack officers again if he were ever arrested. Payne received probation from the 1997 attack.




After hitting the officers with his vehicle Payne then fought with the officers he failed to murder before he was eventually subdued with a taser.


Payne’s Facebook page shows him to be a black nationalist.


Representatives of Black Lives Matter-Pheonix reportedly said that Payne’s attack “doesn’t look good” for a movement increasingly associated with domestic terrorist attacks against law enforcement.






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