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Irish Slaves

While you're at work this system brainwashes your children. Wake Up!!!

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I took my child out of school because they were teaching him this "black victimization" and "white privilege" B.S. only to find out that they make it impossible to school your child without their propagandist agendas, so I figured I will teach him public schools World History instead, guess what he has learned about thus far? The Islamic religion, is all. Thank God I am here to teach him what's really going on. I wonder how many parents know what their children are learning? Seriously don't you question why our own history book do not mention "white slaves", even though the white slaves outnumbered the black slaves? Nothing is mentioned about the free blacks in America owning black slavs, even though the first person to go to court and "legally" own a Slave in America, was a black man. Why the he'll are we letting this happen? Make no mistake about it people we are allowing this shit to continue. They are erasing our history, ignorance is not the new common knowledge. Take your children out of school, boycott all football, and stand the he'll up for our values, rights, and our religion. This country was founded on Christianity, and anyone who tells you its not, is ignorant. The morals and values that have guided this country to greatness, have came from Christian morals and values , and we are allowing it to slip away. They think we are stupid people, don't you all understand this? I was told today that their are too many sheeps and not enough wolves. A new movie is coming theaters All Over America on November 7th. Its called Birth of a Nation" and its about a black slave who murdered white women children and Men, most of whom never owned a slave in their lives, and the movie makes this racist pig look like a hero. We go to vote on October 8th. Do you see the propaganda, and political agendas? do you see the psychological warfare?

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