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Former Chicago Police Chief Takes a Bite Out of Crime

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Brian Jackson / Chicago Tribune


Chicago. It’s known as one of America’s most dangerous cities. It’s also known as being one of the largest gun-free zones in the nation. Despite anti-gunners attempts to ban guns, criminals continue to utilize firearms to carry out their crimes. In 2016 alone, 89.9 percent of all deaths are by gunshots.


On Wednesday, one criminal finally met his match: a retired deputy police chief.


72-year-old Fred Coffey, was sitting on his front porch, drinking a cup of coffee when Fred Vaughns, 21, showed up on his doorstep. Vaughns held Coffey at gunpoint, demanding he hand over everything he had.


Vaughns shot the former police officer in the arm. Instead of abiding by the gunman’s wishes, Coffey retired fire, shooting Vaughns in his thigh.


Coffey was transported to the University of Chicago, where he received medical care.


Although the gunman initially fled the scene, he was caught and transported to a local hospital.


“Gun offenders in Chicago do not discriminate. Their reckless conduct and lack of respect for humanity puts families, public servants and anything that stands in their way at risk,” Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson said in a statement. “Retired Deputy Chief Coffey was a great police officer and public servant to the people of Chicago and I am glad he is okay. I will continue to fight hard for better laws to keep repeat offenders behind bars and I’m asking Chicago to help by giving CPD the tools to keep our community safe.”


Although Chicago is one of the most referenced gun-free zone in America, criminals are still using firearms to carry out their crime. Instances like former police chief Coffey’s are every-day stories that happen ALL across America. This is another reason every person in every state has the right to be armed.


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