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BREAKING: Multiple Shots Fired, Injuries Confirmed In Charlotte Riot Over Keith Scott

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WCNC and other news sources are confirming that multiple shots have been fired during a riot in downtown Charlotte this evening. At least one person was wounded, and blood on the ground has been confirmed by local reports.


: Channel 9 security expert on scene says shots fired in Uptown; at least one person shot. MEDIC on scene at N College & E. Trade


— WSOCTV (@wsoctv)



This is the second night of rioting following the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott yesterday by CMPD police officers.




Despite claims by his family that he only had a book in his possession, pictures of a semi-automatic pistol taken by witnesses have been released, and WSOCTV in Charlotte is reporting that dash camera video shows Scott advancing on officers with the gun in his hand.


: Sources tell Channel 9 dash camera video shows
getting out car, coming toward officers with gun in his hand


— WSOCTV (@wsoctv)



Despite this apparent reality, Black Lives Matter is attempting to portray Scott as a victim, and has a hand in tonight’s unfolding bloodshed.


We’ll update this story as we have more information.


Steve Harrigan in Charlotte: "We saw at least one black American male down with what seemed to be a gunshot to the head."


— Fox News (@FoxNews)



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