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School Shooting Twarted in the Gun Control State of California

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Following the San Bernardino, California terrorist attack last December, the Inland Empire region has been on high alert for terrorist attacks. Now, the San Bernardino County Sherriff’s Office has had to deal with another major incident in nearby Hesperia. One that could have gone south very quickly.


On Saturday, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department was notified of a high school student in Hesperia who had made threats against fellow students at Encore High School. The Sheriff’s department confirmed the threats via social media accounts.


The student was identified and brought in for questioning on Sunday, however, there was not enough information for authorities to arrest the young man.


After numerous interviews with faculty and students at Encore High, the Sheriff’s department obtained a search warrant, which they carried out on Tuesday. During a search of the student’s home, authorities uncovered a list of 33 children the suspect wanted to shoot. Firearms were also located in the home, all of which were legally registered.


The student was arrested Wednesday, at which time the bomb squad was alerted to conduct a thorough search of the school. Thankfully, nothing was uncovered.


“There certainly was potential in this case for harm, and he had intent and capability to carry it out,” Sherriff McMahon told the San Bernardino Sun. “(But there is) no telling how or if he could have pulled it off.”


On Wednesday, Encore High School sent a letter to parents, informing them of the ongoing investigation and saying in part, “One of the things that should be taken away from this investigation is that it is important for students, parents, and staff to always remember that if you hear something, you should say something.”




Some parents, however, were upset that they were not made aware of the situation earlier.


“I would have kept my kid home,” Alma Seaman, mother of an Encore High School student, said through tears. “It’s not fair that you didn’t tell us as parents.”


Limited details are being released on the student due to his age and the severity of the threats. The student remains in custody at High Desert Juvenile Detention Center in Hesperia, California.


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