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You Ordered “Take Out?” Home Invader Killed By Pajama-Clad Restaurant Owner

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Three armed home invaders would be a terrifying sight to most people, but did not seem to phase this Georgia homeowner. She called 911 from her cell phone, grabbed a flash light and handgun, and took the fight to them while in her pajamas:


A suspect in an alleged home invasion is dead after being shot by the owner of the home early Friday morning.


The shooting happened shortly before 4 a.m. at the home on the 3500 block of Spring Drive NW in unincorporated Gwinnett County.

“Just bam bam bam bam and that was it,” neighbor Paul Raper described hearing the shots.


Gwinnett County Police Corporal Deon Washington tells CBS46 News that the suspect, identified as 28 year-old Antonio Leeks, kicked in the door of the home and awoke the homeowner. After grabbing her handgun, the homeowner went to investigate and saw three males coming through the door.


“The female retrieved her handgun went to investigate the sound when she observed several males inside of her home,” Washington said. “At that point she began firing at the suspects and at least one of the other two suspects began firing back at her.”


The woman struck Leeks in the torso, killing him instantly. The other suspects fired back while fleeing the scene.


No one else was injured during the incident. No charges are expected to be filed against the homeowner.




The homeowner is in the restaurant business, and authorities think that the home invaders were hoping to find a substantial amount of cash.


They got quite a bit more than they bargained for instead.


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