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DEPLORABLE: White Georgia Cop Sherry Hall Arrested After Fabricating Story She Was Shot By...

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A white female police officer in Georgia is facing numerous criminal charges after falsely claiming that she was shot by a black male suspect, when it instead appears that she shot herself.


Authorities on Friday obtained arrest warrants for a Georgia police officer accused of lying about being shot by a suspect.


Jackson police Officer Sherry Hall made a police radio call at 12:08 a.m. on Sept. 13 and said she had been shot, Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Joe Wooten said in a news conference that was broadcast online. Several officers immediately responded to assist her. Police have previously said she was shot in the abdomen but her bulletproof vest protected her.


During three separate interviews with GBI investigators, Hall said she was shot by a black man near some woods in a cul-de-sac, Wooten said. Hall is white.


Hall told investigators she did not turn on her in-car video and audio recording equipment, but investigators were able to recover evidence from the hard drive of that equipment. That evidence was inconsistent with her statements, and investigators determined she was not a victim of a shooting, Wooten said.


In a subsequent interview, investigators showed the video to Hall and then she stopped cooperating with the investigation, Wooten said.


GBI investigators also discovered that Hall had failed to tell them she had a second department handgun, Wooten said.


Towaliga Judicial Circuit District Attorney Richard Milam said it’s important for the community to know there is no shooter on the loose.


“There is no person out there with a gun shooting at our police officers,” he said at the news conference. “There is no person out there that needs to be found.”


Hall had previously granted a TV interview in which she blamed a black male suspect for shooting her.





Hall’s story was inconsistent with the evidence, and the investigation turned inward when it was discovered that Hall was issued both a Glock 22 full-sized duty pistol and a Glock 27 subcompact, both in .40 S&W, but lied about only having the Glock 22.


The bullet that struck her vest is a .40 S&W, and the bullet recovered is, I would assume, consistent with department-issued ammunition, and was apparently fired from the subcompact Glock 27.



Chief James Morgan of the Jackson Police Department stopped short of publicly accusing Hall of negligently discharging the Glock 27 into herself, but the evidence leading to her arrest seems to strongly suggest that is precisely what happened.



It is deplorable that Officer Sherry Hall would not take responsibility for her apparently negligent gun-handling.


It is appalling that she would then fabricate a non-existent suspect in order to cover up her negligent discharge, and trigger both a manhunt and state police investigation.


Hall might have been disciplined for her negligent discharge, and depending on the exact circumstances, possibly even fired.


Now she’s facing the possibility of prison time for manufacturing a “suspect” that never existed.


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