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BREAKING: Police Down “Active Shooter” Near Shopping Center In Houston

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MORE: this alert just sent out by HPD about active shooter situation near West U


— Lauren Talarico (@KHOULauren)


Breaking–scene from
shopping plaza minutes ago…shooter reportedly injured several ppl.; police shot suspect, threat 'contained'


— Sam Brock (@SamNBCBayArea)


Very active scene in


— Dap!!! (@Deetroit_Dave)


"At this time, the shooting scene is believed to be contained" after active shooter reportedly injures several in


— KATU News (@KATUNews)


Active shooter at Weslayan & Bissonnet has been shot by our officers; no reports of other suspects at this time


— Houston Police (@houstonpolice)


Several people shot by suspect are being transported to area hospitals; unknown exact number or severity of injuries


— Houston Police (@houstonpolice)



Houston Police believe they have neutralized an “active shooter” in an apartment building near a Houston area shopping center early this morning before dawn.


At least two people are reported injured, and the shooter was reportedly injured and then surrendered.


Despite the mainstream media’s tendency to conflate “there is an on-going random mass murder” with “we haven’t yet arrested some guy with a gun,” this does not appear to be an attack on a mall or shopping center, as it is being breathlessly reported elsewhere.


We’ll provide more confirmed information as it becomes available, but based on the information we have, this sounds like either a home invasion or a domestic violence situation.


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