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Never Mind. He Was White.

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Trayvon Martin was a suspected burglar, gun trafficker, and attempted murderer. When he was killed attempting to beat a man to death in Sanford, Florida, Black Lives Matter was formed, and they raged.


Michael Brown was a strongarm robbery suspect shot and killed after attempting to beat up a cop and take his gun in Ferguson, Missouri. Black Lives Matter grew, and they rioted.


Alton Sterling was a sexual predator and repeat domestic violence abuser, shot while reaching for the illegally-possessed revolver in his pocket even as the officers warned him not to do so. Black Lives Matter terrorists used his death as an excuse to ambush police officers around the country, with the most deadly incidents being multi-officer homicides in Dallas and Baton Rouge.


Terence Crutcher was a serial drug abuser and convicted felon who refused to listen to a veteran officer trained to recognized PCP intoxication. He was shot after the officer perceived that Crutcher was trying to reach into the vehicle. Terrified by the prospect of rioting and threats by Black Lives Matter radicals in Tulsa, the district attorney filed charges against the officer before the police even finished their investigation.


Then there was this case in North Carolina.


The man sat despondently in his white truck in the parking lot. He didn’t want to put the gun in his hand down, even after being told to do so repeatedly by North Carolina law enforcement officers. When he finally opened the door, brandishing a firearm, an eyewitness with a cell phone camera recorded officers fired in excess of 100 rounds over the course of a minute, striking him 14 times.





His name wasn’t Keith Lamont Scott. The man involved in this incident was John Mark Coffey. He was shot at by seven Clinton, NC officers and a State Trooper in May.


We didn’t riot. We didn’t threaten the police, or people of other races.


We didn’t commit arson, or murder each other.


We are still patiently waiting for the investigation to conclude, instead of manufacturing fictional narratives and rushing to judgement.


We acted like sane people, and let the criminal justice system work.


We didn’t name people of other races as “devils” and assert that officers and their chief were part of a grand conspiracy theory to plant a gun and holster on a suspect, somehow, even before he was shot.


Or maybe people didn’t care because John Mark Coffey was white.


Or were we talking instead about Leeland White of Arkansas?


Monday morning officers responded to a call of a man acting erratically. When Pulaski County deputies arrived, White was armed with a 20-gauge shotgun. Deputies repeatedly told him to put it down. White didn’t. The deputy shot and killed him.


No one has rioted in the past 24 hours. His former wife—whom he abused and threatened, as Keith Scott did his family—isn’t manufacturing a false narrative, and didn’t lie about him owning a gun.


White’s family hasn’t publicly attacked an entire race of people, or Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department.


No one will rage and riot, just as they haven’t in the deaths of hundreds of other white, asian, or latino suspects who were shot when they endangered the lives of law enforcement officers and regular citizens.


Here’s the truth.





They don’t care about white lives.


They don’t care about law-abiding black lives, either.


You don’t see them rallying to call for justice for John Crawford III, misidentified as a potential mass shooter by a SWATter as he held a BB gun sold by Walmart, in Walmart. He was shot and killed while on the phone with the expectant mother of his child, and never exhibited any signs that he knew cops were there until two bullets slammed into his body.


You don’t see them rallying for justice for Charles Kinsey, the brave behavioral therapist shot by a incompetent SWAT cop who was trying to kill an autistic man playing with a toy truck.




Black Lives Matter doesn’t give a damn about them.


Heck, if Black Lives Matter cared about black lives, they’d riot outside Planned Parenthood, which kills more blacks in a year than police will in a century.


Black Lives Matter seems to exist to legitimize criminality, stir up anger, and turn out minority voters loyal to the one Presidential candidate thrilled to embrace both them and rampant criminality.




I only wish we knew who that was.


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