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“Unarmed” Black Man Alfred Olango Killed By El Cajon Police Feigned Drawing A Gun

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And just like that, another Black Lives Matter narrative is ground to dust.


Alfred Olango, 30, was gunned down in a parking lot on Tuesday afternoon, triggering more protests against police brutality after a spate of deadly shootings at the hands of cops.


Just minutes after the fatal shooting, a witness captured his horrified sister screaming: ‘I called police to help him, not to kill him’


Police said they were called to the Broadway Village Shopping Center in El Cajon, after they received calls Olango was behaving erratically and ‘not acting like himself’, a
from police reads.


El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said the shooting victim was walking in traffic ‘not only endangering himself, but motorists.’


He said the man refused multiple instructions by the first officer on the scene to remove his hand from his pocket.


But a witness told
that Olango, who is believed to have suffered from mental health problems, had his hands up when he was fatally shot.


Police insist he did not have his hands in the air.


Maria Medina, an employee at the nearby Los Panchos restaurant in El Cajon, said one of her co-workers recorded video of the shooting, but then had her phone taken by police.


El Cajon cops denied any phones were ‘confiscated’.


When the man did not follow their demands, one officer drew his firearm and pointed it the man


A second officer who responded to the scene drew a Taser, aiming it at the man.


‘At one point, the subject rapidly drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together and extended them rapidly toward the officer taking up what appeared to be a shooting stance,’ the statement reads.


The image above of Alfred Olango pulling an object from his pocket and pressing out in an Isosceles shooting stance will get you shot.









The officer’s decision to fire five rounds in the fact of such a threat—an act of self-defense that would have taken less than two seconds—is entirely reasonable under the circumstances. Whether Olango is later found to be carrying a gun, a book, cell phone, or chocolate bar is utterly irrelevant. Officers are rightfully trained to fire on the actions of a suspect, not the identification of an object. As legal expert and Law of Self Defense author Andrew Branca noted earlier today here at Bearing Arms, officers do not have to wait until they clearly identify a gun being pointed at them, discharging rounds, before they open fire. To do so would be suicidal.


The screen capture evidence pulled from the video shot by a restaurant employee that shows Olango acting as if he’s drawing a gun and pointing it at officers shreds claims by “eyewitnesses” who stated that Olango had his hands out to his side when he was shot.




The false narrative that began before Olango was carried away in an ambulance, and the “hands up, don’t shoot” chants that started shortly afterward, are an abject lie, every bit as the false narratives crafted around the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Sanford (FL), Michael Brown in Ferguson (MO), Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge (LA), Terence Crutcher in Tulsa (OK), and Keith Lamont Scott in Charlotte (NC).


When a person presents himself or herself as a lethal force threat to anyone (law enforcement officers or regular Joe civilians), the person they are threatening has a natural human right to armed self defense.


This very clearly a justified shooting of an “unarmed” man who intentionally pretended to draw and point a gun at police officers.


While I feel a great deal of sympathy for Mr. Olango’s clearly distraught sister who witnessed her brother being simultaneously being shot by officers armed with a handgun and a taser, that simply screen capture of Olango pressing out in an obvious shooting stance shows that his shooting was indeed warranted.


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