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Team USA Takes to Twitter to #StopGunViolence

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The U.S. Olympic Team decided to partner with President Obama’s Senior Advisor Valerie Jarret decided to partner with to hold a Q&A on Twitter to talk about how to end gun violence. Specifically, Olympians Townley Haas and Kristin Castlin decided to answer questions using the hashtag #StopGunViolence.


took action to ensure that if you are in the biz of selling guns, you must register & conduct background checks


— Valerie Jarrett (@vj44)



Ms. Jarrett, you must have missed the memo. Law-abiding gun owners are registered and must go through background checks to obtain a firearm. The criminals who don’t go through these legal channels don’t do so because… THEY. ARE. CRIMINALS.


It's up to Congress to make background checks truly universal—the evidence shows that would save lives

Most Americans agree


— Valerie Jarrett (@vj44)


use our platforms to tell our own personal stories and experiences w/ losing loved ones.


— Kristi Castlin (@KristiHollywood)


plug into local efforts that maybe start right at home in your community!


— Kristi Castlin (@KristiHollywood)


most countries were very supportive & advocates of
. America is #1 when it comes to gun violence. It has to end!


— Kristi Castlin (@KristiHollywood)



I’m curious who Castlin talked to in Rio.


Contact your representative. If all 90% of Americans who support background checks speak up, it could make a difference!


— Townley Haas (@TownleyH)


Does it makes sense for the Federal Gov to do a Big Nationwide gun buyback program to buy guns people don't want?


— Hollywood (@NeilHollywood)



Why? So we can be like Australia?


*eye roll*


Of course, anti-gun groups had to join in on the conversation.


Any chance that
legislation could be brought up in a lame duck session?




Big thanks to Olympians
for using their voices to support common sense gun policy today!


— CAP Guns (@CAPgunsandcrime)


We're in it to win it, just like
in Rio.


— States United (@SUPGVNetwork)


any plans for nationwide bus tours to
Atheletes tour will help raise awareness and activism


— Brady Mass Chapter (@BradyMAChapter)


Thank you,
, for standing up & speaking out on how we can help


— ARS (@resp_solutions)



Gotta give credit to our #2A lovers out there who high-jacked the hashtag.


by putting more guns into the hands of law abiding citizens.


— Mara Lis (@MaraNara95)


Why do you concentrate on regulating legally owned firearms when 99.99% of crime is committed using guns illegally owned?


— Rusty Shackelford (@rshackelford14)


Less than3% of legal gun owners commit crimes. Stop the rhetoric. Gun control never works for the criminal….ask Chicago


— AJ Elaina


If a person is crazy/angry enough to kill someone, what makes you think they'll be worried about using a banned weapon?


— Rusty Shackelford (@rshackelford14)



What’s ironic? The most decorated Team USA Olympian is Kim Rhode, a trap and skeet shooter. She’s a six-time Olympic medial winner, three of which are gold. She’s also a six-time national champion in double trap. Currently, she holds the record as the most successful female Olympic shooter. Rhode is also the only woman to have won two Olympic gold metals for double trap.


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