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Olympian Campaigns Against CA’s Prop. 63

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Six-time double trap and skeet Olympian and Californian Kim Rhode has spoken out against anti-gunner’s latest attempt at limiting the Second Amendment: Prop. 63.



Rhode explains how difficult her training for Olympic sporting events would be if Prop. 63 passes.


If passed in November, California’s Prop. 63 would require background checks for ammunition purchases. In order to make the purchases, Californians would have to obtain a four-year permit from the DoJ; a similar process is required for the purchase of firearms.


All large capacity magazines (10+ rounds) that people owned prior to 2000 were grandfathered in before the Golden State banned large-capacity magazines. Prop. 63 would require people with grandfathered in large-capacity magazines to dispose of them.


Under Prop. 63, California residents would also be kept from purchasing ammo from outside the state.


Rhode took to Twitter to school California’s Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom, one of the biggest supporters of the proposition, on guns and ammo.


Congrats on your 6 Olympic medals – very impressive! But, did you know Prop 63 actually exempts ammo bought & used at a range?


— Gavin Newsom (@GavinNewsom)


You don't understand how an Olympic athlete acquires ammunition!


— Kim Rhode (@KimRhode)


Not sure where self-serving politicians hone their skills but Olympic shooters don't just practice at formal ranges… https://t.co/AVfF4jVmEP


— Kim Rhode (@KimRhode)


But always happy to teach you about the guns and ammo you don't trust me to own. https://t.co/AVfF4jVmEP


— Kim Rhode (@KimRhode)



Know a Californian? Make sure they’re aware of the dangerous implications of Prop. 63. Urge them to vote NO this November.


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