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North Carolina Pastor Kills Son-in-Law in Self Defense

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Posted at 4:52 pm on October 13, 2013 by Bob Owens


This one hits very close to home, in a very literal sense:


Sheriff’s deputies received a report shortly before 11 a.m. of someone communicating threats at a home at 11378 N.C. Highway 210 North. Six minutes later, they received another call in which emergency dispatchers learned that the caller had shot Griggs.


The shooter, investigators said, lives at the house and was present when deputies arrived. Investigators did not release his identity, but members of the Abundant Life Worship Center said the shooter was their pastor, Pat Chisenhall, who founded the church 25 years ago.


Property records also show that Chisenhall and his wife own a home at that address.


Chisenhall’s congregation said they were “heartbroken” by the shooting but that the pastor acted in self defense.


The deceased was the pastor’s son-in-law. He was separated from their daughter, and they filed a restraining order against him the day before.


Obviously, they were right to do so.


As part of the Bearing Arms Against Domestic Violence Campaign, we are highlighting stories in which armed, and unarmed, citizens have been forced to defend themselves from former abusers – some of whom have violated restraining orders in order to get to their victims. We encourage everyone to take action to ensure their safety and strengthen their personal protection plan.


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