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Robbery Suspect Threatens to Inject Woman with HIV

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A man in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania stole from a Walmart store. His only problem? He didn’t have a getaway car.


45-year-old Michael Ortiz attempted to carjack a woman in the Walmart parking lot as security guards chased after him. He jumped into the woman’s car and told her drive away, threatening to inject her and her passenger with HIV if she didn’t.


When the car came to a red light, the passenger jumped out of the car and pulled her gun on Ortiz, threatening to shoot him if he didn’t get out of the car. Ortiz and the passenger struggled over the gun. She fired one round before Ortiz ran off.


Both women returned to the Walmart store to wait for police. Ortiz was last seen at nearby railroad tracks, according to police.


When police offers looked into the store’s surveillance cameras, they were able to identify Ortiz, who has previous robbery convictions. Police were also able to identify the car that was used to drop him off based off the license plate numbers.


Ortiz was charged with kidnapping, robbery, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats and retail theft. He was placed in Dauphin County prison in lieu of $100,000 bail.


Police are urging anyone with information to call Swartara Police at (717) 564-2550.


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