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CU-Boulder Faces Multiple On-Campus Attacks

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At 9:15 a.m. on Wednesday, the Colorado University – Boulder campus received a 911 call stating a student was seen on campus with a machete. The young man brandished the weapon during an altercation at the college campus’ Champions Center before entering the building.


As police rushed to the scene, students were alerted to the incident and asked to avoid the area via text message.


You know it's a great day when there's a man w/ machete walking around campus


— Primadya Sekar Sakti (@Sekarz_DyaMoon)



When police arrived on scene, they directed the man to drop the weapon. When he refused to do so, police and killed him.


“He [the suspect] was not following commands, and so at some point, we did have to neutralize him,” CU-B Police Department official Scott Pribble said. “We don’t know anything yet other than the suspect is dead. Now we will turn it ocver to the Boulder County investigative team to continue the investigation.”


At 9:40 a.m., police stated the campus was safe again and business would continue as usual.


“On behalf of the entire campus, I want to thank the CU Police Department and Boulder Police Department for their quick action in resolving this situation and ensuring that no one was harmed here with the exception of the suspect,” CU-Boulder Spokesperson Ryan Huff said.


During the incident, CU-B Police took to Twitter to keep students in the loop on what was going on.


CU Alert: Armed man with machete is in the Champion Center. Take appropriate protective action.


— CU-Boulder Police (@CUBoulderPolice)


CU Alert: One person is in custody. Police are on scene at Champions Center. Continue to take protective action.


— CU-Boulder Police (@CUBoulderPolice)


Update: The scene is all clear. Avoid the Champions Center area as law enforcement continues to investigate.


— CU-Boulder Police (@CUBoulderPolice)


CU Alert: Please continue to avoid the area around and inside the Champion Center as post incident investigations are underway. Thank you fo


— CU-Boulder Police (@CUBoulderPolice)


Students: Please check in with your loved ones to let them know you are ok. Parents: please contact your students directly.


— CU Boulder (@CUBoulder)


Update: CU Boulder Chief Spokesperson confirms the suspect in today's incident is deceased.


— CU Boulder (@CUBoulder)



Around 1 p.m., CU-Boulder officials had to send out another kind of alert, this time warning of an active harmer on campus.


CU Alert: Unconfirmed reports of active harmer at the UMC. Avoid area. Take appropriate protective action.


— CU Boulder (@CUBoulder)


People coming out of the CMU with hands up… checked by police?


— Noah Ahn-O'Connor (@1NOC1)


Police at the entrance of the UMC on the CU
campus with reports of a gunman in the building


— Paul Aiken (@PaulAikenBDC)


CU Alert: ALL CLEAR at UMC. 911 calls on report of active shooter at UMC believed to be a hoax Avoid area. https://t.co/k9tJGEL2SC


— CU Boulder (@CUBoulder)



Currently, CU and Boulder police are saying the campus is clearly. According to student reports and local reporters on Twitter, an all clear has not been made.


Video of police around the UMC on the
campus where there are reports of a gunman


— Paul Aiken (@PaulAikenBDC)


People on Facebook say the ALL CLEAR is FALSE. Reports of gunshots and an armed man being taken down by police nearby.


— Amy Lu (@amyelu94)



As more information becomes clear, we’ll bring you the latest.


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