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NRA U Carrying Gun Rights 101 onto Campuses Across the Nation

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The National Rifle Association University – dubbed NRA U for short – is a two-hour seminar geared towards educating college students on Second Amendment rights, upcoming gun legislation, gun safety and how to protect gun rights in America.


On Tuesday, NRA U took to the University of Pennsylvania campus, where 50 people attended the event.


Christian Ragosta, one of the NRA’s northeastern grassroots field coordinators, led the seminar and discussed the need to eliminate gun-free zones, citing 15 of the last 20 mass shootings taking place where firearms were banned:


It’s a slippery slope: Once they [the liberal government] ban one thing, they will find another to ban [firearms]. It’s not going away. It’s a constant fight to make sure your rights stay the way they are.


Taking away guns is like what happened to the Jews [during the Holocaust]. It’s saying that if you believe in the Second Amendment but don’t believe in stricter gun control, that you are like a Jew that likes Hitler.


Students who wish to protect the Second Amendment are encouraged to:


  • Build pro-gun coalitions on campus
  • Facilitating events like NRA U
  • Tabling in the student union


NRA University is a project of NRA-Institute for Legislative Action, the lobbying arm of the association. The program was launched in 2007. Since then, NRA U has held over 120 seminars in 16 states.


Take a look at what they’re teaching:



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