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LOL: UConn Student Thinks He Is A Gun Control Expert

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The issue of gun control and the Second Amendment is something that is continually debated across our country but it’s even more prominent on America’s breeding ground for Liberals: college campuses. One leftie at the University of Connecticut decided to pen an eop-ed telling gun owners that we’re just paranoid that the government is coming after our guns. Of course, he spewed the same rhetoric you hear from President Obama and Secretary Clinton.


The organization [NRA] wants people to believe that a Hillary Clinton Supreme Court justice would help in restricting the 2nd Amendment and leaving people defenseless.


Um…this isn’t a myth.


Hillary Clinton herself said she would do everything in her power to make sure she appoints someone who agrees with her agenda for gun control.


This guy needs to listen to the audio for himself.


President Obama, the evil Muslim communist from Kenya, couldn’t even get universal background checks.


Obama couldn’t get “universal background checks” passed in part due to significant flaws in the National Instant Background Check System (NICS). As it is, 38 states send less than 80 percent of their criminal convictions to the FBI for them to update the NICS system. They could be one of the criminals who fall into that 20 percent threshold who aren’t passed off to the FBI.


Before anyone even remotely talks about passing universal background checks, maybe, just maybe, we should talk about fixing these flaws.


The resistance to even having a vote on gun reform legislation is unnecessarily vehement. One proposition has been to ban people on the no-fly list from purchasing a gun, but even that wasn’t passed. If we wouldn’t let someone get on an airplane than of course they shouldn’t be able to purchase a gun.


The reason the “No-Fly, No-Buy” and terror watch lists are frowned upon is because the lack of due process. Almost anyone can be put on these lists for any reason. Cause a commotion in the airport? You could be put on that list. Upset the government? You could end up on a watch list. Just ask Bearing Arms editor Bob Owens, who was placed on a watch list in January of 2013 for writing an article that some nameless bureaucrat didn’t like.


Putting that much trust in our government is one step towards becoming tyrannical, just like our Founding Fathers warned about. Connecting this government agency to a Constitutional right opens the door for the government to place people on the no-fly list to keep them from possessing firearms.


Gun control laws are aimed at preventing the people who shouldn’t have guns from getting their hands on them, not the other way around.


We’ve heard it all before. The problem with this logic? It’s assumed that criminals follow laws, which was all know they don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t be criminals.


There is no reason that when these bills are being considered people should be flooding their representatives with petitions imploring them to stop the “gun-grabbers.”


Someone doesn’t understand how lobbying works. It happens on both sides of the aisle, including by gun control groups like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. Every constituent wants to make sure their voice is heard and that it’s fairly represented in Congress. It’s politics 101.


If you ask me why a gun-grabbing government that tramples on the rights of its individuals will not come about because of gun control laws I will kindly refer you to the numerous examples of other countries with gun control laws that would give the NRA a heart attack. Do you weep for the poor people of Britain, where most guns are single shot (shotguns and rifles), handguns are effectively banned, and there is one of the lowest rates of gun homicide in the world? Or Australia, where strict gun control laws were enacted after a mass shooting that might have had something to do with the zero mass shootings occurring since?


Where are you getting your statistics from? Britain’s crime rate went up 77 percent in the decade following their ban on handguns. Gun crimes in Australia have doubled since their gun control measures were implemented.


Of course the NRA is having a heart attack over those stats. The five million gun owners who make up the NRA don’t want to become a victim of gun control. They would rather arm and defend themselves instead of relying on an increasingly corrupt federal government to protect them.




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