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Our Constitution must be defended

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I'm a very patriotic person who strictly and firmly believes in the Constitution of our great nation as a whole. I am a life long Patriot who loves God, Family. Friends, and Country. I fear that the country I love is headed down a dangerous path that must be corrected at any cost. I see the Constitution being slowly but steadily dismantled and the freedoms we once had being taken away. I hardly recognize this country anymore and I find that unacceptable because my children deserve to grow up enjoying the same freedoms we did. I believe if you think you have more true friends then you can count with your fingers then you honestly don't know what a TRUE friend is. I serve my country and the my state. I will always stand and salute the United States flag as long as it still represents the Constitution. I trust but always verify. I'm loyal to a fault and I can't stand frauds, liers, thieves, cheaters, and bullies. I will always fight for my freedoms and liberties and those of my family and friends. I am a great friend to have but an enemy you never want. I have a very low tolerance for ignorant people, but I'm trying to work on that. You can either like me for who I am or not, doesn't matter to me much because I will not change for anyone or anything. I love going to the range for target practice, skydiving, video games and a large variety of other activities. I'm always excited to meet new like minded intelligent people. I support our Military, State, and local Police. I refuse to accept a nationalized police force. Semper Fi. MOLON LABE. Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis. God Bless the United States of America and it's legal, law-abiding citizens. I love my country and want my children to grow up with the same rights and liberties we had. This nation is on a direct path to communism and totalitarianism and we must save it. I fear for my family and refuse to allow the federal government to make us dependent on it for anything. It's not too late yet, but it will be soon. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

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Welcome! Knowledge is power. All citizens need to be educated on what happens when they fail to keep their sovereign power. Many suffer a horrible fate for their ignorance, and control is not easily gained back. Keep your voices loud and make sure to petition your Congressmen.

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