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My Militia - New Mission Statement

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Hello all,


We just want to let you know we have been working on making some changes with the new version of the site around the corner.


To help support the site please consider upgrading your membership by becoming Legendary here: Account Upgrades


These new changes come in both appearance and functionality as well as the sites Mission Statement.


These changes will help with understanding why we are here and simplify the use of the site by reducing clutter.


Here is our New Logo:




2017 Promotional Flier - https://www.scribd.com/document/332312892/My-Militia-2017-Tri-Fold



Look forward to a re-alignment of the forums and categories as we adapt the site to more reflect our Mission Statement and prepare the site for the future.


Thank You,

My Militia Staff

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Be interesting to see just what transpires with this change.


Thanks Sarge its not really much of a change we have been doing all these things along with other stuff thats sort of clouded our purpose, we are only redirecting focus onto what we do best so we can become the definitive resource for that specific subject matter. We will be realigning the forums soon some of this will be just renaming of some current sections some will be removals and thier will be some additions too. we welcome all feedback this is our site everyone counts

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