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Groups Update today to version: 2.6.4

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Bugs Fixed:

  • Fixed cannot create event
  • Disabled event calendar on mobile
  • Fixed can disabled basic tabs
  • Fixed undefined key when using addon sonnb-XenGallery
  • Remove class ‘avatar’ in group icon
  • Fixed user with grant permission cannot post new thread or reply thread
  • Fixed throw error while creating group logo or cover text
  • Fixed auto play speed does not work
  • Fixed missing menu indicator in some special devices
  • Fixed group members can give ban admin/moderator of forum.
  • Fixed undefined index: manage_team_count
  • Fixed ribbon still exist after user left the group
  • Fixed undefined index: title
  • Fixed not auto clear username after invited.
  • Fixed albums not protected by group privacy
  • Fixed role permissions issues
  • Fixed CLI import issues
  • Resolved permission issues
  • Fixed with grant permission cannot save group privacy
  • Fixed cannot set language code to empty
  • Fixed default loading information tabs not working property
  • Fixed show empty address in news feed
  • Fixed bypass posting rules in open group.
  • Fixed member promote not correct when not have an cover. Absolute that design issues.
  • Fixed not show forums when move thread from group
  • Fixed send massive alerts length ignore option control

New Features:

  • Added upload logo while creating group
  • Changed breadcrumb when viewing forum of group
  • Added event logo
  • Added export event to iCalendar format.
  • Added import event from iCalendar format
  • Move option Maximum groups can create to User Group Permissions.

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