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Breacher checking in

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I am one of the folks migrating from AWRM, like it or not...


I will not likely be very active in this forum unless AWRM goes offline, but I will check in every day or two.


I usually have a lot to say about current events and happenings in the movement, but check in at AWRM for the main commentary.


My general focus right now is on west coast issues as I split my time different places in the western states, although my home base is in Portland. I am not sure what it shows on the members map here though. My "stomping ground" is basically the I5 corridor and highway 101 between SF and Portland.

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Just to clarify those little tags:

USMC Active duty 4 years


US Army NG, around 12 years as a combat engineer. I was basically an Engineer grunt the entire time, since I made my money at a civilian job, promoting to a desk job in the Army was not really one of my goals.


I had done Red Cross related disaster relief work before joining the Marines, and had been in the Civil Air Patrol


3%er, I believe in the basic tenets of the 3%er movement but am not currently associated with any particular group and feel that much of the leadership of the existing groups is in fact, compromised.


Oathkeepers (as above). It's a long story, but I was around back when 1anonymouspatriot and July4Patriot were just starting out. I maintain discreet connections only with official Oathkeeper groups and will NOT currently endorse ANY until issues surrounding several recent events settle out.


NRA Endowment member


NRA certified firearms instructor (expired, but I did it for nearly a decade) for rifle and pistol


Former IDPA and 3 gun shooter.


Former FFL holder


Also past associations with GOA, JPFO, GGNRA, OFF and some lesser known stuff.


I have degree in both Sociology and Criminal Justice


I did have (expired) federal and state certifications in high security VIP protection, escape driving, weapons and tactics related to executive security in the corporate and public service environment.

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welcome to the site , we are trying to improve our site all the time and have a lot of plans, would love to get the AWRM guys involved in any capacity and look forward

to any sort merger if that sort of thing happens, i look foward to hearing from AWRM soon

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Welcome to the site! You are welcome to join in on the news area for making commentary on the goings on. It can be a bit hard to keep track of!

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