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Virginia Training Opportunities.

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If you have events planned and have slots to fill for an FTX or Meet and greet Post them here.If you are hosting classes that are open to like minded individuals and the public you can post them here as well.


Be professional and be courteous, remember we have a lot of bad imagery to undo in the public's eye.

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February I will be hosting a Pistol Course which is a prerequisite for Advanced Combat Pistol. I have openings for 3 people. This is Weather Permitting. Food is provided. Limited ammo support is provided for those who need ammo. This is a one day event that can be expanded to a two day event I just need to know ahead of time for planning purposes.


Equipment requirements.

1. Your preferred Handgun at least two magazines. max of 5

2. 250 Rounds of Ammunition Two day event will be 250 Rounds per day

3. Outdoor Shelter Equipment. I have semi hard shelters and super shelters in place. But the more you bring the more comfortable you will be.

4. Eye Protection CE approved. Hearing Protection,

5. Your Standard loadout for FTX if you wish.


Personnel Requirements. A positive , can do attitude.


When seats are filled and times are locked in I will email the personnel and we will coordinate link ups and I will give address and coordinates.We must be courteous and respect the range owners wishes or they will pull access to future use.In the summer we will be able to use the 400M known distance range.

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Update. This is a full steel plate range. The base camps actually have wood stoves in the tents.Cell phone signal is spotty and we ask that you turn them off during class. Video recording for feedback and instructional purposes is permitted. But respect the wishes of other members if they ask not to be recorded. This is a range training event. The only costs are your fuel and ammo. If you need help on ammo let me know by Jan 3rd or 4th. All targets are IPSC/USPSA standard A for the cardboard and ISPC for the steel. CCW not required USPSA membership is Not required. This is considered a sporting event and instructional event. We will have barrels and barricades and stuff to shoot under,over,around. If you have a 22 rimfire rifle bring that as well for the marksman challenge.


We may open this up to be a monthly event.I am in discussion now with the other property owners. I am part owner of the range. Family is the other part owners. This is not a super secret squirrel thing. If you want good shooting instruction and you have soft skills and respect for your fellow citizens then you will always be welcome here. I also do one to one instruction for Rifle, And TC3. No Steel Core Ammo, No AP,No Wolf Tul or Bimetal rounds. AR-550 is expensive and we need to ensure Safety and No more fires. Years ago we had a Mr.Hi Speed start a fire with AP the steel core caught the leaves on fire. Not good. We can do Night shoots up to 10pm after the county noise curfew thing kicks in.


This is not a militia only event. Even if you are not in a group and have no desire to be in a group we don't care. No recruiting is to take place at these events. Not by us and not by the guests.You can PM me for Contact Information and Email Details.

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Thanks for the help , 8wayrun is near defunct the dev has all but abandoned his projects ,


we do have event forums they are tied to the groups, each group has there own calendar for events, take a look and see if that is what we need , i can add upcoming events to side bar if we get some events added

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Upcoming events would work well.

Spent the day developing an additional course of fire. That will address some issues that I see in other course's. I will title that section of the course "How Not to get shot by the PoPo, when they arrive on scene"

And I will also add on to the course on what to say. and what not to say.Specifically in Virginia .


We brought in more food and water for the Base camps today. Hopefully by the end of next week the sites will be cleaned up from the summer games and ready for the winter events.

If anyone who is planning on attending has a shot timer bring it. If you do not have a shot timer I would recommend getting one. and if you have a Cot bring it. Better than sleeping on the floor and you will be warmer .

I serviced the generator as well so it is ready. If we do a night CoF then it will come in handy.

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Whiskey 6 some former students have some video. I will try to get a copy from them.I will be starting a private youtube channel for the militia. Will post videos in it and I will send you the link/invite.We will have public videos up as well on the channel. Those will relate to hunting,Base camps, and general combat shooting, the private videos will be the advanced topics. Garnered from exp in Iraq and Afg.Learned a lot from doing foot patrols in the cities of Taji and Kandahar and routesTampa/Irish Bear/Monkey/miller lite.


The reason for the private videos is self explanatory. We by our very existence are a threat to leftists. I have more equipment coming in this week. I will set up a third base camp about 1/2 mile from the other two. The purpose of this is to add depth to the training. And to reduce high concentrations of human contact in a specific area. Remember the old field sanitation courses? Food,Flies,Fingers,Feces, Facilities.


This forum is modern enough to where I can post links/photos and videos. This will be the only forum that I/We will work with on this matter. YT will be our video library. Next weekend may present a video opportunity I will check and see if the dentist and his family are still on schedule.


Dec 22 Is a big shoot I will see about video opportunities there. We have to respect the privacy of some people due to the nature of their work. An errant video could get some of them fired. But with the right angles and edits we can avoid that and still show the meat of the matter. Face blur 6.0


We have floating around somewhere the 400 meter ak shot. That will get put up as well as the work done to get that ak to shoot that up 600m.


Also in the next two weeks I am going to set up the Shoot/No Shoot course of fire.I don't do the IDPA as the rules do not follow reality. Reality is in Taji I left a trail of magazines. In IDPA that is a penalty. See what I mean.When the one way range becomes a two way the rules go out the window. If you survive you can then police up the mags. But what I teach today is to leave the mags where they drop and I will tell you why.


Site Exploitation, and forensics photography. The location of the magazine will help verify your story in a shoot. It points to a location of where you where and what you were doing( Changing Mag). In a self defense shooting the more evidence to back up your testimony the better.In states that do not have a castle doctrine the above TTP of leave them where they drop may be the difference between freedom and incarceration,especially if it is found out that you had advanced training.



You train as you fight.


And in a fight, you, will fight as you train.


If your training has things in it that are useless and can get you or a team member killed you don't train ,that, you get rid of it.


That is why we have the "Build your House" COF.

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Updated to add. I opened a standing order on ammunition procured locally for the range classes, so if you bring something chambered in 45acp/9mm/38 special. I got you covered.Keep in mind that I will be most happy if we could police the brass at the end of the day. it will save on the future costs.

Safety note on Ammo

This Ammo is

9mm USPSA Minor 115gr LRN. Check your Glocks to see if they can shoot this. Or any other polygon barrel. Some guns cannot shoot lead bullets

45ACP 200gr LRN USPSA Minor

38 special 158gr LRN USPSA minor.


The loads are good all purpose Steel plate loads. Are bullseye accurate and will not give you any recoil issues. Free for the course.

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Were are you now?? I see these are all yrs old.. Sadly i missed out.. Anything New??

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