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Thanks for adding me. I'm an Army Mom and the daughter of a Late Battle Of The Bulge Veteran. The one thing that my Late Father taught me was be Proud of Both our Country and those that Served and are Serving in our Military.

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Glad to see a you're on here. Your father, you and your Soldier are a force to be reckoned with. My dad is an Army Mustang, I'm a Marine and my son served 5 years in Marine Corps and then changed over to be an Army Airborne Soldier. We both have some serious "family business" traditions going on. It takes someone special to be a military kid with the constant changes and all. It takes a good bit more to follow in our parents footsteps. It takes even more to be a military parent and sign them in when they want to go in. I'm sure you have some knowledge to put on here and I'll look out for your posts.

Semper Fi

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