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Americans Believe Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Will be Acquitted

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Dylann Roof, the Charleston, SC shooter who murdered nine, is now having his day in court. As his court proceeding begins, many across the nation are expecting one outcome: for him to walk away scot free. The anticipation comes after the jury makeup was revealed: 3 African Americans and 9 white jurors.


Official jury racial makeup, via courtroom pool report: 3 blacks , 9 whites.


— Aaron L. Morrison (@aaronlmorrison)


sadly Black America feels he will not be convicted.


— NorthStar2021 (@SenScott_NS2021)



It’s sad that we live in a country where people feel justice will or will not be served based on the jury’s race.


Part of what is wrong with our justice system – predominantly white jury in both


— Pastor Belanger (@FFCCOOLJC)



What about the people’s life experiences? Surely that’s more important than the color of their skin.


If I was on a jury and the evidence pointed to a wrongdoing, I would say they’re guilty. Their race wouldn’t matter to me. That’s how it should always be.


Remember what happened that last time white women let down communities of color? That's how much faith I have in this jury.


— qudsia (@qudsiaraja)



Jurors are supposed to be unbiased. Just because they didn’t give you the outcome you wanted doesn’t mean that they “let down communities of color.”


Why do they keep saying "if" Dylann Roof committed the crime?


— Lola Bunny ♡ (@cupcakesbytheLB)



Because a defendant is considered “innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.” The prosecution has to prove that Roof did what they’re accusing him of.


Somewhere deep in my soul I feel Dylann Roof isn't going to get the death penalty.


— rudeboyshay (@mshaysoul)



Maybe the jury will surprise us?






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