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Sheriff Clarke Chimes in on Washington’s Proposal for Firearms at Sporting Events

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Lawmakers in Washington are looking at doing something very controversial. The Evergreen State is considering allowing firearms at sporting events and stadiums, where they are currently banned. Although the National Football League (NFL) has a strict anti-gun policy at their stadiums, this bill could force them to change their rules at the Seahawks’ Century Field.


“We haven’t seen the proposed legislation but we have a policy forbidding carrying a weapon into NFL stadiums,” league spokesman Brian McCarthy told The Washington Post.


Under House Bill 1015 (HB 1015), stadiums would not be allowed to deny concealed carriers the right to carry in the stadium or on the stadium grounds.


Co-sponsored by Representatives Shelly Short (R-Republic), David Taylor (R-Yakima), and Bob McCaslin (R-Spokane Valley), the bill is scheduled to be introduced during the 2017 legislative session.

Anti-gunners took to Twitter to show their disdain for the proposed legislation.


drunk fans with guns. What can possibly go wrong?


— the homie (@sammiedaman)


this is such a great great idea. Why didn't Texas think of it first? Or did it?


— JackBell (@JackBell)


What are u gonna do w/ a gun at a football game?

Arrive to a game as a sports fan.leave as a murderer? Yeah Great idea


— HellooNurse (@summersash26)


what if everyone had one. Dodge city. Nuts.


— JackBell (@JackBell)


Booze & Guns. Nothing bad could happen


— Emperor Hadrian (@pressmanpete)


so you can't bring in water or outside food but a Glock is ok? What madness.


— Angel Ize (@AngelIze68)


so weed at home, beer at the game and then guns. That's some home field advantage


— macoog (@macoog95)


Redneck birth control.


— On The Left Coast (@MLCzone)





Milwaukee Wisconsin Sheriff David Clarke, however, believes this is a good idea.


A bigger deal was a ban in the first place. Gun free zones do not stop criminals or ill intentioned people.


— David A. Clarke, Jr. (@SheriffClarke)



After all, when do criminals following laws and procedures?


I live in Washington State. Quite frankly, sports-loving concealed carry conservatives of all races are the backbone of America.




I am a huge advocate of the 2nd amendment and think this should pass, but angry drunk people are going to ruin this.


— David Schmidt (@Schmidtdave827)



All it takes is a small handful of people to ruin it for the far and few.


Will Washington State preserve the Second Amendment? With how progressive the state it, it’s unlikely. But we’re hopeful.


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