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Connecticut State Militia

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Connecticut State Militia

If you knew who the patriots of the Revolution were, then you know who we are!


If our government wants to wage a civil war, were the guys that will make them change their minds! Obama and all these other politicians don't care for their Citizens and they are now targeting the weak and innocent and it wont be long until they send U.N Peacekeepers or our own soldiers to enforce martial law, THIS IS AMERICA, NOT RUSSIA, NOT CUBA, NOT CHINA AND SURE AS HELL ISNT NAZI GERMANY!!!!


Long story short, this is the Civilian Militia of Connecticut and we are the vanguard of America, If there is anybody who does not feel comfortable or safe, walk out now! nobody will be shamed a coward if you leave now, if you choose to stay to defend America from home grown tyranny then let me say this.....I am not going to sell this to you, it is to ugly for that, but when your fighting for your families, your homes and your freedom think of the men who stood before you doing the same, to them, this is just some place but to us THIS IS OUR HOME AND WE WILL FIGHT TO PROTECT IT!!!!

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