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NorthWest Florida Militia

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NorthWest Florida Militia

Statement of Purpose


1 - Whereas an armed citizenry can better deter crime, invasion, terrorism, and tyranny, we hereby organize the Northwest

Florida Militia (NWFM) with the following intent:


1.1 - To encourage an armed citizenry, in support of, and in accordance with, the national and state Constitutions.


1.2 - To promote law, order, and safety for the community in the absence of some other effective policing presence,

such absence as may occur following a severe natural disaster.


1.2.1 - To work in conjunction with pre-established local authorities whenever possible to this end.


1.3 - To resist foreign invasion.


1.4 - To deter domestic oppression—such oppression characterized as a tyrannical power unduly denying the populace their inherent human rights recognized under the Constitutions of the United States and of the State of Florida; or

unduly denying the populace due process of law as outlined in the Constitutions of the United States and of the

State of Florida.

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I am considering the idea of creating a new website called PensacolaPrepper.com


It's Purpose: To point preppers to assets in Pensacola and surrounding area.


These assets may be other local websites, existing groups or possible groups to be formed.


Purpose to me: Locate just a few more possible members for our Farm.


Content: Links to a few articles on prepping, local organization links.


It will not be a forum, not host advertising or require membership.


It will simply point to local prepping assets.



Question for you: Do you want your group freely cited? If so. what would you want mentioned?


What is said can be written by you later if I proceed. Are you interested?


Jim Costa Phone: 850-463-7711

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I have a question I'm partly disabled but I am a true patriot and see our country falling into what looks to me to be a fight for the soul of this Country. I am limited to what I can physically do but can get around and enjoy  shooting training at range . Is there a place for me here. ???

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