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North Carolina Outlaw Militia East Coast

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North Carolina Outlaw Militia East Coast

This organization was put together to help protect our families and community in case of natural disasters such as hurricanes and to protect our families and communities against enemies foreign and domestic such as street gangs, tyrant law enforcement and a tyrant government. We are a family orientated group, friends and family are always welcome. This is not a racist group all races are welcome. We do believe in protecting our southern culture and heritage. We do not recognize the federal government as our own, We remain loyal to the Confederate States of America. If you think that is racist you need a history lesson. Men of many races and religions fought under the Confederate battle flag including free black men. As far as religion goes to each his own but I can't promise your safety if you pull out a rug and get on your knees and start mumbling shit about allah lol. Our beliefs are pretty much summed up by the saying "don't start no shit and there won't be no shit"....

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Retired USMC Marine 20 years Artillery Platoon Sgt. off and on for 15 years. Combat Gulf war helped capture 4 Iraqies. Was Weapons Platoon Sgt. for RSC (Rifle Security Company) Windward from 1997-1998 Marine Barracks GITMO.

Like to join an active unit to train and brush the rust off of my old skills. America is my heart and soul would gladly give my life to protect her.

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