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Virginia Commonwealth Unorganized Militia

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Virginia Commonwealth Unorganized Militia

Virginia Commonwealth Militia.


The motto of a Virginian is "Sic Semper Tyrannis". This is a shortened version of a more ancient saying, "Sic Semper Evello Mortem Tyrannis". Meaning , "Thus always death to tyrants".

Thus the sacred duty of all Virginians is to be ever vigilant to guard against the rise of tyrrany. To preserve inviolate the state of liberty of which we are trustees. To preserve freedom for our posterity. To ensure that governments truly are of the people. To ever ensure the equal claim to justice of law to all. To protect against governmental breach of law, and due process. To study the Constitution, and laws therefrom created. To seek to employ the courts to hold accountable government representatives who have ignorantly, or knowingly, violated their oaths of office, and/or the rights of the citizens to whom they are accountable.

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