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Finally caught up in the VA's War against Chronic Pain Patients !!

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I have been a Chronic Pain Patient since 1983 when I broke my back and neck on the job after having emergency surgery to remove bone fragments from my spine which were in danger of severing my spinal cord

and an unsuccessful attempt at fixing my pinched sciatic nerve I was left with nerve damage and have suffered ever since ! The VA has in the past 15 years taken away 2 of the most successful pain meds i was taking that gave me somewhat of a normal life claiming that "OTHER" people were abusing them ! WTF ??


I went in last week for routine labs and recieved an email about 4 hours later stating that I had tested positive for Pot again and would no longer be getting my pain meds from them leaving me without any way to curb my pain or stop the withdrawals I will very soon be going thru ! I have not touched that shit in a couple years and asked them to retest me and they refused ! I asked them for the name brand of the test and was told its none of my business !!


2 years ago after the umpteenth time in 16 years I went for almost a week and was suffering from pain and withdrawals and a friend offered me 2 puffs which helped me greatly , I was then able to drive from lancaster to the chillicothe VA to pick up my prescription after calling them over a dozen times telling them what was going on ! 3 days after that I had routine appt for bloodwork and labs and I told the doctor what I had done and told him it was his fault and that I from then on would be campaigning and voting for legalization of MMJ !


This happening to veterans all over the country ! The VA is culling the Chronic patient herd by conducting a witch hunt !! I was not guilty but the VA refuses to discuss the subject any further ! I am in the process of contacting Senator Portman for help ! and they wonder why Veterans are setting fire to themselves and jumping off of VA hospital lawns and parking garages !!


Its all over the internet from veterans that the VA is doing this to !!

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UPDATE : Got a new message on myhealthevet..com the day before yesterday granting my request to be retested !! really blew my mind because they flat out denied me when I requested it !! Anywho , I went in yesterday afternoon and recieved a message today saying that this one was NEGATIVE !! wooo hooo I wanted to say "nanner nanner nanner" I told you so !! I have been reinstated in the pain program and will shortly get my meds BUT they are saying that they will now be spot checking me and when ordered to do so I have 24 hours to comply WTF ?? They are still treating like I am guilty !

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