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Do You Think Prepping Has Died?

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Shortly after the 2016 election, I read an article by one of my blogging colleagues titled "Is Prepping Dead?". I felt so strongly about what she said that I shared her article throughout the social media, hoping that others would see it and continue their preparedness efforts. Now, one month later, I can confirm that I too am seeing signs that prepping, while not dead, has certainly slowed down. This seems odd to me since the likelihood of a disruptive event has not changed. It is as strong now as ever.


What are those signals and why should we continue to be prepared and to proudly call ourselves "Preppers"?


The post Do You Think Prepping Has Died? by Gaye Levy first appeared on Backdoor Survival.


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The worst that will happen is the sunshine preppers will say its no longer a danger and slack off


I know for sure, my website traffic has jumped significantly in the last month


I don't play the tinfoil game or use the click bait headlines. I write almost everything myself and I have a pretty good handle on the prepping in my local area in the way south of Az.

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քɛօքʟɛ ʍaʏ ɦaʋɛ ʀɛʟaxɛɖ sɛռċɛ tɦɛ ɛʟɛċtɨօռ aռɖ tɦɨռɢ ɨs աɛ aʀɛ ʝʊst ɢɛttɨռɢ staʀtɛɖ. աɛ ɦaʋɛ a ʟօt օʄ աօʀҡ tօ ɖօ aռɖ a ʟօt օʄ քɛօքʟɛ aʀɛ ɢօɨռɢ tօ ɢɛt քɨssɛɖ օʄʄ aռɖ ʏօʊ ċaռ քʀɛttʏ ʍʊċɦ ċօʊռt օռ ʊs ɢօɨռɢ tօ աaʀ. tɦօsɛ tɦat ɦaʋɛ tɦɛ tɦօʊɢɦt tɦat tɦɛʏ ċaռ ʀɛʟaxɛɖ aʀɛ sօaʀʟʏ ʍɨstaҡɛռ. ɖօռ't stօք քʀɛքքɨռɢ sɦtʄ ɨs ċօʍɨռɢ aռɖ ʏօʊ ċaռ taҡɛ tɦat tօ tɦɛ ɮaռҡ.

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