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Breaking in/ Reconditioning a Leather Holster

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Breaking in /Reconditioning a Leather Holster



Ok all you crayon eaters, I know.


The modern gun fighter doesn’t wear leather.


It doesn’t wear well, gets ruined in the wet, dries out or stretches out to where its dangerous and doesn’t retain the weapon.


However, if you are at the company BBQ, at a gathering of friends where you are all wearing your “sunday best, go to meeting pistols”.


The pistol you bring out on special occasions, where what you carry is to make your friends jealous of your fine machinery.


And the look they give their wives or Girl friends when their pistol just doesn’t make the grade.


And every man needs a fine leather holster to carry his BBQ firearm in, so the holster accentuates the pistol in a complimentary manner.


And wives, if you are reading this. If your man has the wrong holster with his pistol, he’s social status takes a dive.


Its a Ferrari in a blue tarp carport.


Its a 3 carat diamond in a $20 setting


This kind of stuff is important. Its the same as letting him go out with miss matched clothes, to the PTA meeting where your friends judge you by how you dress your man.




So once you have your fine leather you need to get it ready to carry your pistol in public.


Breaking in a new leather holster.



Obviously you do not need to break in a nylon or Kydex holster. They either work or they don’t. Fit or they don’t.


If they don’t fit either you bought the wrong holster, or the maker is a moron.


So you’ve bought your new holster.


I like Galco


They make the prettiest leather rigs Ive ever owned. I have leather for single action revolvers, and autos. This will be showing an N3 Inside the waistband (IWB)



N3 Galco


I bought this as a BBQ holster for my 1911 pistols. It is typical of Galco leather, it is a work of art.


However, it is tight.


Really tight, and so tight the gun wouldn’t come out after I seated it inside the first time. Some serious twisting and maneuvering was necessary to get the pistol out and plan B was implemented.


This is exactly how the holster is supposed to fit so don’t get sideways with it. Its an easy fix, but takes a couple days.







Huberds Shoe Grease is made of Bees wax and Pine Tar. It contains propolis, an ingredient in bees wax which conditions leather but doesn’t break it down like SnoSeal and other bees wax products. Huberds keeps leather and doesn’t break it down by adding animal fats or other oils.


I have used Huberds on fine leather White’s boots, my Harley Davidson seat, leather jackets, gloves and chaps.


Anything made of real leather is an ideal use for Huberds


And it smells like fall. It brings the memories of rotting leaves, hunting after a frost, shotgun shells and deer stands.


Ok I’m ruminating


You also need a heavy plastic bag, and of course the gun you are planning to use in the holster.


And a rag to wipe your hands on.




Bag the pistol and set it aside.


Unload the thing first. Even better, never load it at all until your holster is fitted properly so you don’t shoot a hole in your TV or sofa.


The wife will NOT be amused.


Just saying




Shove your bare hand into the Huberd’s can and get a good size gob of it.IMG_1014-1.jpg?resize=300%2C225


Smear it all over the inside of the holster, working it into the leather. Don’t worry, this stuff is good for your hands too so get after it.


Get it into all the nooks and crannies INSIDE the holster.


It wont harm the outside at all if you get some on it, but you are just fitting the holster to your gun today.


Once you get the inside coated well, rubbing the grease into the leather, you pick up the gun you’ve already bagged before.


There really is a reason you bag the pistol BEFORE you do this


Shove the pistol into the holster, as far as it will go, and lined up with the mold marks on the outside with the form of the pistol




Here it is, gun in the bag, bag and gun in the holster.


Now leave it alone. Put it on the table or in the safe for 2-3 days to take a set with your pistol.


In 2-3 days, pull out the gun, remove the bag and your holster will be smooth inside,and fitted like a glove on that beautiful piece of steel and wood.


Huberds will not harm your firearm, however it will pick up dirt and transfer it to the holster



So let the leather absorb it before using the holster. This takes a matter of hours most of the time, and Ive found its only minutes unless the leather is very wet.


Let the leather dry before you grease it. Don’t be a dummy




Reconditioning a leather holster



This one is a Galco FED Paddle


This is easy if you take proper care of the leather as you go


First off


Saddle Soap is your friendIMG_1012-e1477339511444-225x300.jpg?resize=225%2C300


Use a brush to get the big chunks of dirt and debris off whatever you are working on. This is more likely going to be boots, gloves and other clothing made from leather. But if you take a swim your holster might be filthy as well


Use a wet cloth and get a good lather going in the can on the soap and rub into the leather cleaning off the skin oils and dirt on the outside. Buff off the lather as it pulls the dirt out of the leather pores.


Lather, buff, repeat as necessary


Let it dry. How long?


Until it is dummy. Its not like launching a rocket here.


Then use the Huberds on the outside of the holster AFTER the leather dries







Use the hell out of the Huberds. Rub it in deep, especially into the threads and around the snaps if they exist. This waterproofs the leather, it seals it so water cant get into the leather and rot it.


This seems like its a project but I find it to be very relaxing. I do everything I own made of leather sitting in front of the TV every spring and fall.


Boots get done as they get wet, let them dry and regrease as necessary. Everything else should be done as he leather dries out






Breaking in/ Reconditioning a Leather Holster















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