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Colt 1911 Combat Unit Rail Gun 45acp Review pt 2 Range Report

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Colt 1911 Combat Unit Rail Gun 45acp Review pt 2 Range Report



Hi guys. I’m back again and this time with more on the Colt 1911 CCU which I did an initial impression in part 1 which is here.


First important point



This gun shoots FAR better than I can. If I cooperated I put a full magazine into the same ragged 50 cent piece sized hole at 7 and 10 yards.


It is a phenomenal production 1911 pistol, from Colt and any other makers standards.


IMG_0988-e1477607282757-225x300.jpg?resize=225%2C300 The hole in the tape is from setting up the target, not from me shooting.


As you can see I walked the groups around the circle. The are 3 rounds in each group, for 12 rounds total fired without a magazine during the extractor drill.


For those unfamiliar with the extractor drill with a 1911 pistol it consist of firing 1 round loaded from the magazine, eject the magazine and fire. The goal is to see if the extractor dumps the case out the bottom or erratically throws brass everywhere.


Simple and to the point- it throws brass into about a 1 foot circle, 7-10 feet away from the pistol. Tension is consistent and accuracy was better than expected from an off the line run gun.




The playing card drill went well with this pistol, the cards had to be moved as I shot away the target because there was nothing else to staple too. The best 3 shot groups timed went very close to the same hole and after a run of 450 rounds fired, my best from start to finish was 2.4 seconds.


IMG_1002-e1477607900319-225x300.jpg?resize=225%2C300 Not to bad from an old fart who hadn’t fired a 1911 since 2007.







I started with a mixed crate of 45ACP I had on hand. I wanted to see how this pistol did with a cross section of ball and HP ammo and how it functioned with everything I could put in the magazine.


IMG_0987.jpg?resize=300%2C225 I also had loaded in magazines some Winchester SXT I believe , Federal 230 gr Hydroshok and 90 gr Aguilla, which I think is the worst 45ACP hollow point you could load in anything.


Except maybe in a High Point so they cant hurt anyone or themselves.


I tried to finish an Elk with one of those frangible HP bullets and it was not a pleasant experience for myself or the Elk. Penetrated approx. 1 inch, and blew up on a rib. Complete and total lack of penetration, the bullet came apart and these 2 magazines are the last of what I had.


Good riddance to all of it.


They function fine though





In 450 rounds I had 1 hiccup. It was with an MFS HP, the round went into the chamber and stuck at an angle. This happened at around the 300 round mark, and I wasn’t able to repeat it with anything else. I fired 100 rounds of the MFS HP, and this was the only hiccup all day.


Saying that, I did nothing to this gun out of the box. I didn’t clean it, take it apart or lube it. Maybe not the normal range test but I was curious about what Colt was shipping off the line today.





I had to 2 Colt 8 rd magazines which came with the gun, 6 McCormick 8 rd and 6 Wilson 8 rd. As you might expect none of the magazines gave any issues on the range.


The McCormick Shooting Star magazines were loaded at some point between 2004 and 2007 and were in a forgotten box in my storage locker. Much to my surprise they fed their rounds and functioned fine. They did not however, actuate the slide stop at first. Leaving them unloaded for a week they now function as designed locking the slide open as they should.


The Wilsons, as we all expect had no issues, load them and shoot them. The Colt factory magazines the same. No problems at all.




I’m sorry to say this but I bought them with my own money.







The XC1 from Surefire has been a disappointment.


Ive had 2 of them in 2 weeks, from different shops through Amazon and they were both defective. The first was broken in the box, second stopped working halfway through firing on the range. At approx. 200 rounds.


Returns with Amazon went as expected with money refunded in 2 days with return label and UPS pick up as promised.


I now have an X300Ultra on it and hope it holds together better than the XC1.









The 1911 CCU is my new carry gun. Its reliable and accurate almost to being boring. It will shoot out the black all day with anything you put in the magazine.


Holsters are a bit different than a standard 1911 because of the rail. An inside the pants leather rig will hang up. The belt tension locks the gun in the holster because the rough edges on the rail, where a smooth frame 1911 is a joy in the same types of rig.


Kydex and outside the waistband holsters of course do not have this issue. I’m still waiting for my Fricke AIWB rig, which will be my daily carry and Ill review it later when Ive carried it. I do not foresee any issues with anything Dale makes.


I’m more impressed with this gun than I expected to be. Past experience with new products from any maker conditioned me to expect it wouldn’t work well, I am happy to say this gun runs great..


Part 1 here


Colt 1911 Combat Unit Rail Gun 45acp Review pt 2 Range Report







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