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Election 2016

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Election 2016





Hi guys, again


I hate to be political in my writing, there are enough people out there fear mongering and I don’t subscribe to any of the BS and frankly the stress of worrying just doesn’t sit with me at all. I refuse to get caught up in it


Saying that



My children are military aged, my lady has all 3 of her children in the military or married to it. So I have a dog in the fight, and I’m thankful. Going to war isn’t something bothering me all that much. Ive BTDT and if I had to Id go again, reality is I’m 49 and really war is a young mans game.


We dodged a bullet, plain and simple.



Clinton had been paid by Saudi Arabia in order to keep ISIS and the like fighting in Syria. The reality here is fact.


  1. She was paid off to create ISIS
  2. Saudi Arabia wants to build a pipeline to sell oil in Europe
  3. They cant do that without the easement in Syria because Russia is also selling oil to Europe and their economy depends on oil exports.
  4. Russia will fight to keep Assad in Syria, if only to keep Saudi Arabia from being a back door supplier of oil to Europe.


I didn’t say anything before the election because I , again do not want this site to turn into another fear mongering, ad filled, click bait nightmare so prevalent online. I want this to be a learning tool for everyone.


Then of course, there was the elephant in the room



The undercurrents of open warfare in America.


People listen!!!


Ive seen Civil Wars. I do not want my children to see that in this country, I want them growing old never having to see that. I want my grandbabies to grow up safe and never witnessing the horrors of war.


If it has to happen let it happen to me, not my family.


And the quiet issue no one seems to be addressing



Why did Putin ask about Clinton buying over 100 million dollars in weapons from an arms dealer in eastern Europe who makes his living smuggling weapons? Why did she buy them? Why did the Administration allow so many males as refugees into this country?




No fear mongering, just a heads up, this might not be all out in the open yet.


Election 2016



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