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The number of PDF file posts are starting to get overwhelming and they will get pushed down the post list as new ones come out. How about a section for just the PDF files so they can be searched by members but locked so comments are done in new posts.


The PDF are great information and deserve a section for just research IMO

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originally we had the technical information seperate , we ran like that for a few months and have had poor participation. we continually improvise and adapt to try to encourage member activity, sonin this reguard we simplified the forum but reducing the amount of categories.


you can still view all the pdfs by clicking on the PDF thread prefix


it is the intent in the future that we build a pdf database currently the cost of this project is out of our scope but if we can get active members here and grown our membership it will happen i have already choosen the developer to help us pull it off but its not cheap to have custom software made


sadly all the cms (content management systems) that are available do not handle pdf files the way we want them too


additionally i have depleted the mass amount of pdf files i had in my possession so the site should return to normal and as

relevant conent is posted there should now be ample time to spot light that information before its burried


as is evident by this weeks email digest i was able to get new posts in the main categories to ping as most trafficked


it will be a goal to keep posting relevant content on the site to kick start the community

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I have a cpl options for handling PDFs that should work with Xenforo if you want the info, I can dig it up. I run a gaming site for our Star Citizen Fleet and use them.

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