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Annual repacking of the Bush Belt

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Annual repacking of the Bush Belt



Since I was stung today , by a Bark Scorpion, requiring medication and murder of the little beast I thought while I recuperate Id repack my bush belt and check the contents for my own peace of mind


The Bush Belt



It is simply a padded belt that has multiple options for gear attachments, much like the old ALICE LBE, except this is just what I want on it and nothing else.


Most people if they dig through the gear boxes and bags can probably come up with something similar as a basic first line gear package. This is just a guide with what I like as a minimum gear set for running around in the bush on short trips away from the truck. It only carries 40 ounces of water in the bottle so its a day hike limited kit.



Bush belt with partial gear load. Notice the holster and mag pouches/second knife is on a drop rig and easily comes off depending on the situation. The water bottle pouch, the Skrama and the FAK and fire kit always stay on the belt






So from left to right I have a HSG 4 magazine pouch for an AR type rifle, with multiple extra pouches sewn on for different gear. It will hold a hand held radio, and I’m thinking an Elecraft KX3 HF radio will fit in there when I finally get one.


An accessory pouch which holds 2 Pelican cases. One is my fire kit and the other is a small boo boo kit.




I am looking for a small case which will fit into an AR magazine pouch. I rarely use a drop rig for magazines, they are too heavy.


But a case with a space blanket, and a poncho rolled up tight in the second pouch would be great. I’m still working on it. Like everything its a work in progress.







Notice the wire tie to keep the lighter full, and the red duct tape on the blue lighter so when I drop it I can find it again


The fire kit contains 2 Bic lighters with wire ties on the top so the gas cant drain out if it gets wedged the wrong way, an Aurora Fire Starter, a real Magnesium block from Firestarters.com and a baggie of petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls. It also has about 75 feet of red 550 cord because it fits, its usefull and you can never have too much cordage. And it keeps everything from rattling.


The red 550 cord attaches the ferro rod, the magnesium block to me and that’s on purpose. Once your gear is out of its place it needs to be tied to you or it will disappear.


The idiot cord keeps you from loosing your life saving gear. Take the hint here.



Idiot cords keep your important items attached to the idiot


Continuing to the right, is my water bottle pouch with a 40 oz Klean Kanteen and cup. I like the metal bottles, I can heat water in them and they thread on my MSR filter when I carry it.


The Skrama is an awesome bush knife and has pretty much become my heavy knife/belt axe for the foreseeable future. It is getting a review all of its own but its worth every dime and the wait for it from Finland is not a problem.IMG_1021-e1483824718482-225x300.jpg?resize=225%2C300


Finishing out is a large pistol holster again from HSG. They make quality gear and well worth the price vs the airsoft gear that falls apart in a week. Buy once, cry once.


Every year, or seasonally your gear prep should be to bring it out, unpack it then repack it, making sure you have everything in serviceable condition.


Annual repacking of the Bush Belt

















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