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Regular gear checks

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Regular gear checks



Guys, not enough time is spent online with regular checks of your gear for damage or dead batteries.


I look through every sight I have in the ready rack for a working reticle, and this morning the Tavor sight was deader than Jimmy Hoffa.




A quick switch of the AA battery and I was back up and running but yesterday when I came home from work, it was fine.


Check the lights, check the sights, every day.


When you do that check your chambered rounds for corrosion and function check the working parts.





Pull them out of the sheath at least once a week. A light coat of oil, or a silicon gun wipe then back in. Check everything, all the time. A knife rusted into a leather sheath is almost monolithic, and useless until you get them separated. Leather that gets wet, will shrink onto the blade. Kydex sheaths will not, but dull the blades by osmosis I think.


Ive seen guns rusted into holsters too. Not an inspiring thing to see when someone doesn’t keep their gear straight. Needless to say, that guy isn’t around me any longer.


If its wet, dry the leather slowly and hit it with the Huberds before you put the knife back in.IMG_0718.jpg?resize=300%2C225


The Huberds is good for the knife steel as well. Especially the high carbon steels


If it fails, its on you. This stuff HAS to work when you need it.


Hawks and Axes



Same thing. Pull the blade guards and oil, touch up the edges while you are there.


Binoculars and Range finders-



At least weekly pull the lens caps and check your glass. Fire the lasers if you have them and make sure it works. I have a target I use, it sits at 236 yards from the front door. I don’t move, the house doesn’t move, the target doesn’t move. If things are different, the problem is the gear not me, the house or the target.


No one else is going to do it, you are responsible for keeping your shit working and in one bag.


Regular gear checks





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