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Organizing Gear

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Organizing Gear



I’m in the middle of going through all of the mountain of gear I throw in bedrooms and its mostly because there is a limit on the mess I’m willing to deal with in my house.


So much so I’m not willing to show a pic of the piles, just in the middle where I had some semblance of organization


Plastic totes and storage boxes



I’m organizing things in plastic boxes, with duct tape labels on the outside. I have a label maker but I find its faster to use red duct tape and a sharpie to make a label.












In these boxes I found I can put 2 Army sleep systems with stuff sacks in them. They wont fit in the stuff sacks but folded loosely 2 complete systems fit in 1 box.


1 medium weight Army bag , and 2 Wiggys bags with stuff sacks fit in the other. I use the Wiggys bags as a first choice now, nothing against the .mil systems I just like the Wiggys.


The results



This is 2 bedrooms full of scattered gear consolidated into semi categorized boxes ready for the new shelves I bought for the shop.






Organizing Gear





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