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Packing the BOB/ Go BAG etc

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Packing the BOB/ Go BAG etc Part 1





Being winter and we are all at least semi house/ shop bound and have the change of seasons its time to adjust what’s what and where you have it packed.


As readers here who have been here a long time know, I think most peoples ideas about bags are messed up as a soup sandwich and my opinions are echoed online by those who” have been there and carried that” over some god-awful terrain and weather.


So I’m going to reference a really nice post which is eternally long and detailed. However , I liked it enough to not rewrite it here and you should take a long look at it before you do a repack.


Then, when you have read that you should take a look at what you really need instead of your Walter Mitty fantasy about the lone survivor saving the world.


Screw the world, save yourself and yours. If you manage to help anyone else that’s wonderful, but dying valiantly for someone who doesn’t lift a finger to help themselves is stupid. And the herd needs thinning anyway.


So go HERE and read. Don’t scan it, don’t speed read it. Go and take your time, learn before you have too the hard way.


Excerpted –


“Whether you are a potential guerrilla force fighter, living in the hills trying to evade capture and wreak hate and discontent on the enemy, a member of the auxiliary who is smart enough to know that you need to be ready to flee at a moment’s notice, or are simply a guy who wants to be ready to run for a safe retreat area when TSHTF, one aspect of that planning that receives a lot of attention in preparedness circles is the development of the bug-out bag/go-bag/patrol pack/whatever cool name you prefer…..There are dozens of books (actually, I just did a “books” search on Amazon for “bug out bag” and there were 360 hits….). Any forum online that is related to firearms or survival will generally have hundreds of individual threads on what should constitute a good bug-out bag.


Unfortunately, with many of these books, the “tricks” focus on generalist gear that may allow you to perform multiple functions at a mediocre level, but none of them well. I hate to burst any bubbles (well, that’s not true, now is it?), but while aluminum foil is amazing shit, and it CAN work as a signal mirror device, as well as allowing you to wrap a snared rabbit in it to cook on a campfire, it does not work anywhere near as well as a fucking purpose-designed signal mirror. A razor blade in a fucking Altoids can, will cut stuff…but not as well as a Benchmade folder that’s had a good edge put on it. An unlubricated condom will hold a lot of water…but not as well as a 2qt canteen or a Nalgene bottle will.


The second drawback to these books is their focus on comfort items. Folks, if you’re in a survival situation, whether bugging out for your hidey-hole in Idee-ho, or you’re simply trying to move from a secure guerrilla base area to a nearby place to conduct a raid, and your focus is on whether you have an entertaining novel in your ruck to read, or if your fucking IPOD is charged up….you’re as wrong as two boys fucking.”


If you read my site and look at the series on BOB concepts you will see common threads


I hope you get as much out of it as I have. Not only is a good bunch of ideas but it reinforces my thoughts and posts about BOB/GHB/ Too much shit.


Part 2 will be what I have packed in my Winter bag


Packing the BOB/ Go BAG etc Part 1







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