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Magpul CORE Instructor Breaks USMC Parachute Landing Record

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Ever tried parachute landing at an altitude of 15,000 feet with combat equipment? Of course you haven’t. But Magpul CORE instructor and U.S. Marine Corps Captain Cody Carroll has, and he broke a world record in doing so. Now, there’s video of his feat.



If you have a fear of heights, you probably shouldn’t watch this video. But we encourage you to anyway, because it’s simply awesome. Here’s what Magpul has to say about it:


Magpul CORE Instructor and U.S. Marine Corps Captain Cody Carroll broke the USMC world record parachute landing at 15000 ft MSL last November at Ama Dablam in the highest mountain range in the world, The Himalayas. He utilized a
oxygen system and a
parachute system to achieve the record. He even strapped on a 70 lb rucksack just to make it a little less easy. Plus the helicopter has a dragon painted on it.


According to Fox News, Carroll was part of a team of veterans that traveled to the Himalayas to “push the limits for military free fall and make the seemingly impossible possible” last November.


Mission accomplished, we’d say. The team broke four world records during their expedition. Carroll achieved the highest combat equipment parachute landing ever by a U.S. Marine.


Like we said, awesome.


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