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Gun restrictions set to activate this December have been over turned

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57-43: Senate Completely Abolishes Obama’s Pride And Joy,

Law Gets Shredded By Majority Vote

Posted by Matthew Bernstein | Feb 16, 2017


eight-year crusade included executive orders that stopped people from buying guns, for whatever reason he could think of, including if they were receiving Social Security disability benefits. However, within the first few days of Trump’s Presidency that was quickly taken down. First, the House of Representatives voted to overturn this measure, sending it to the Senate.


But now, the Senate has officially overturned this Obama-era regulation, as they
in its tracks.
And because both the Senate and the House have overturned this regulation, it will be sent to President Donald Trump’s desk, where he is expected to sign it.

SOURCE: https://conservativedailypost.com/57-43-senate-completely-abolishes-obamas-pride-joy-law-gets-shredded-majority-vote/

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