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Chris Cox: The Second Amendment Was Under Attack During the 2016 Elections

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NRA-ILA Executive Vice President Chris Cox took to the CPAC stage to introduce Vice President Mike Pence. Before Pence came on stage, Cox recapped the last year and what it meant for gun owners across the nation.


“Let me ask you a question. How many of you came to CPAC last year? That’s great. Now how many of you remember what happened six days before CPAC started last year. It was February 16th and American freedom suffered a devastating loss when Justice Scalia unexpectedly passed away. That day, the stakes of the 2016 elections fundamentally changed. This was no longer a fight for the next four years. This was going to be a fight for the next 40 years.”


“As you all remember, the Republican primary was still, let’s just say, interesting. But we knew Hillary Clinton was either going to win or steal the Democratic nomination. And we knew exactly what Hillary’s Supreme Court would look like. For those of us who support the Second Amendment, we knew our gun rights would be gone. Our right to keep and bear arms survived the Supreme Court by just one vote and he had just passed away. Think about that. The court said we have the right to keep a gun in our homes to protect ourselves if God forbid some criminal breaks in and wants to murder us. That’s it. That’s all they said. But Hillary’s view? She said it was a terrible decision, that the Supreme Court was wrong on the Second Amendment.”


Watch Chris Cox’s full remarks below:



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