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16 Reasons Why a Second Great Depression Will Be Different

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It is no secret that prepper-types use the Great Depression as an example of what can and will happen when the stuff hits the fan. We do this because the possibility of a national or even a global economic collapse is something we prepare for.


Learning about life during the Great Depression has its value and the lessons we can learn will go a long way in helping us formulate our own plan for survival under such dire economic circumstances. That being said, life in the 21st century is much different than it was during the thirties. This makes it important to toss some modern realism into the mix. Here are both reasons and facts why a second Great Depression will be different the next time around.


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me pops was brought up during that time. He remembers it well. Last week he said something about that depression and how a future one would be different. His words...


"The next depression is going to let loose a level of savagery not seen before in a civilized society. It will be brought about by a moral-less and feckless cravenly generation. Who did not save ,did not learn self sufficiency. or how to hunt,trap fish or exert any self discipline. For every squirrel you shoot you are going to need possibly 11 bullets. One for the squirrel and 10 for the potential thieves.


He will also tell you about eating one meal a day for three days and skipping a meal once or twice a week. He never forgot that. That man has more rotatable food in not one but three pantries. And he still cans on occasion. He said he has outlived 95 percent of his generation and that he feels that his time is near. So I pick his brain for things I was to stupid to remember 40 years ago.

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I spend much of my family reunions and get togethers asking those young-at-heart 80 year olds about their daily lives as youngsters. Every memory they share is an educational morsel of survival. There is so much to learn about the basic need of food gathering and storage.

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BTH that is very true. In the 1920-30's we still had hardy farmers who knew about farming by hand and before the tractor was a common appliance.We had more farmland and less dependency on Machination. Now these days the Farmer is just as dependent of the Gas Pump as everyone else. Excepting the Amish of course.. How many farms still have tack barns and the old CM Mccormick plows?

If we look at a depression as a societal reset the Great Depression occurred at a time when we as americans still had two living generations of doing all things without the reliance on energy and the ability to barter goods for services. That reset today would see a changed country.

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