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Can Islam be reformed?

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This was an interesting video that I recall seeing a while ago. Many have said that we will condemn all Muslims because they do not speak out against the actions of their full-blown Islam brethren. I think if the peace-loving ones are going to speak out, they need to do so very, very soon. They must also be willing to take physical action besides just speaking out.



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Islam is "Outlaw" and cannot be "Reformed".

Islam can only be isolated and defended against.

In Islam "Jihad" is a Duty. The singular Muslim is

very much like a loaded pistol on the coffee table.

That pistol can sit there for a thousand years and

it will be called a"Firearm" or a "Gun" but it does

not become a "Weapon" until a Human picks it up

to use against other Humans. The "Key" is the

Humans intent. A "Moderate Muslim" may be just

that for years but could go to the Mosque, on Friday,

and listen to the Imams "Call to Jihad" and decide,

"Yes, it is my Duty to go on Jihad, Now. He leaves

the Mosque as a "Mujahideen", a Jihadi. With a

thought the Pistol is picked up and fired at another


Islam is "Outlaw" because the Quran dictates that

a Muslim will not recognize ANY "Man-Law" in any

Country, only "God-Law", Sharia. In the West, in the

USA, this in effect abrogates, supersedes,

and eliminates our US Constitution and "Bill of Rights".

Islamist, in our Country, do not recognize our Laws.

They are "Outlaws". Murderous Outlaws.

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I don't see how anyone could follow the Islam faith and not come to a conclusion to wage jihad. Someone would have to write a new holy book with a different mentality.

You wont see many muslims come out against the radicals because secretly most of them; including moderates, support the radicals.

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