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new world order soft and hard kill methods

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This is a great article! I am somewhat familiar with John Moore and consider him creditable. Yes... the future seems bleak and uncertain but it is only because of the point in time in which we have been born. This is it the "grain of truth" in the whole article I believe, although I have trouble with "Higher Power" since it allows for NOT accepting Christ and accepting something greater than yourself (but this is a WHOLE other discussion, not for this thread. I have a college degree in Substance Abuse Counseling so I get it.):


Working on oneself spiritually can give us the strength and courage to overcome the most dangerous adversities in life. Finding your Creator, Higher Power, or your God is the greatest coping strategy and skill any of us humans can ever possess. Striving to create a balance between still finding joy and love in our daily lives with those we care most about on this earth plane while at the same time taking the necessary precautionary steps to protect and defend ourselves from any immediate or overt threats and dangers is extremely important. Granted, it’s easier said than done. But having your own contingency plan to maximally safeguard our family and homes, our neighborhoods and communities is also crucial. The human spirit and capacity to triumph even in the most despairing moments and conditions can be unbelievably resilient and powerful. And only those who know and experience pain and suffering can also embrace equal heights of joy and happiness. The art of living is living each and every single day as fully and joyously as is humanly possible. Difficult times can facilitate the gift of insight and awareness that in turn promote greater wisdom and bliss. Working toward change most often starts from within and shifts outward to one’s immediate living environment from home to the local and regional community levels.

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I agree. I look beyond the articles accusations of the US and it's use of military power. And I live in the north east and was effected by the black out. Although I don't know the man and his words can be misleading. But I focus more on the first 1/3 of the article. It is concerning to have such a power and to be used against mankind by the elite and powerful. It reminds me of the movie " logans run " where the elite sent the citizens to " carousel " which is it's own form of, if you will, crowd control.

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