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Would anyone be interested in joining a serious tactical unit in South Carolina. We are made up of law enforcement and ex-military and we are accepting petitions for membership. With the current state of affairs around the world it is time to get serious and we are looking for people who are serious, law abiding, that want to learn, and be part of a team. All petitioners must be willing to undergo a SLED background check as we actually work with and train US Military units and Local law enforcement agencies. No bullshit! This, is why we have such a serious vetting process. There is more to it than what I have just posted but this should be enough to weed out the racists and crazies.


We are primarily interested in ex-military and law enforcement with more combat oriented MOS skills and SWAT/SRT backgrounds, but those are not the only skill sets we are seeking so civilians please don't be discouraged from petitioning for membership. We have an immediate need for combat medics, communications specialists, web developers, white hat hackers and much more.


This is your chance to be part of something bigger than yourself. Something that is more than a bunch of assholes pretending to be Generals on facebook. This is a for real, privately funded unit, that has a dedicated mission in times of national crisis. As for the cloak and dagger routine, I am afraid it is necessary as privacy is one of our greatest concerns. I know this sounds like a scam so I invite anyone interested in learning more to contact me at aegis6ix@gmail.com and we can discuss the matter further. For those of you who will want to post a bunch of shit and start slinging mud out of the gate at this post, do so knowing there will be no response from us. We don't care about playing bullshit kiddie games.

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Don't know if I could be of any help do to my age (68) I would have no problem passing a SLED background check as those are the people who issue my CWP, I'm a MARINE and always will be my MOS was 0311 Recon division 69-70 and discharged in 1971. That was 46 years ago, I'm not in the best of shape but 90-120 days and I could be close to the best I've ever been. Normally it would take 90 days to be really pimped, but due to my age I threw in an extra 30 days. It's like riding a bike, once you've mastered it, you never forget. For what it's worth I thought I would throw out this post. Take care, THE BOBO

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