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Who would like more info?  

  1. 1. Who would like more info?

    • How do I get one?
    • How do I make ammunition for it?
    • What bullet is best for this cartridge?

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Hello all!

I wanted to let y'all know about this new pistol cartridge. I call it the 357 Ring Of Fire!

It delivers the stopping power of the beloved 45 ACP, yet has the magazine capacity of a 9mm!

It uses real .357 diameter bullets from 125 grains to 200 grains!

The 125's velocity and power starts where 357 SIG ends, and increases beyond what the 9X23mm can deliver, but at lower pressures!

This is done by the newest innovation of chamber and barrel designs!

Another advantage of this cartridge is the fact...you can also load soft point bullets in it! Giving you the best of both worlds! Great and reliable penetration, along with dependable mushrooming for faster one-shot stops!

Currently, I have converted 2 Glocks, a 29 and a 20. Only a barrel and recoil system change!

The Glock 20 has the best advantage. The factory 15 round 10mm magazine holds 18 of these new cartridges with NO MODIFICATION to the magazine! This means you can always swap back to the 10mm if the situation demands.

Test videos of my R&D are on youtube under Dave Elliott 357 Ring Of Fire.

Check 'em out! Like 'em? Share 'em!

Ask questions!

Thank you!

Dave Elliott

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